Hey, I'm Conner!
I'm Conner Douglass, and this is an ever-evolving timeline of the most important stuff going on in my life!
Back to Purdue
Aug 2016 - now
My time at Apple has come to an end, and I'm back in West Lafayette for the fall semester!
Fall 2016
Working on ClassCubbie
March 2016 - now
I'm working on this fun project called ClassCubbie. More updates on this soon, maybe ;)
Summer 2016
Bubble Tea Addiction
Feb 2016 - now
I learned that true love is out there. And her name is "almond milk tea"
TreeHacks 2016
Feb 2016
I designed the UI, along with my bud Jessica, for a dope Valentine's Day-themed GitHub coder-compatibility web app called "lovedotjs"
Working at Apple
Jan - Aug 2016
After one college semester, Apple recruited me to take eight months off school to make software with them in Cupertino, CA.
Moved to Cupertino
Jan 23, 2016
Spring 2016
BoilerMake 2015
Oct 2015
With my best friend Jigar, I made an app to connect people who are shopping together. It got the attention of both Walmart Labs and Apple, and we won some prizes for it!
BoilerCamp 2015
Sept 2015
I joined a group of my fellow programmers at Purdue to teach hundreds of our peers how to make a website from scratch!
Freshman at Purdue
Aug - Dec 2015
I made tons of new friends, wrote more code than ever before, and grew up more than I ever thought I could!
Fall 2015
Graduated High School
May 27, 2015
I graduated from North Central High School!
Spring 2015
I Was Born
Nov 7, 1996
The world supply of bubble tea was suddenly in jeopardy.
Fall 1996